Implementing Subsurface Scattering

This week I tried to implement a subsurface scattering effect.

That is all 😛

Here is the material function:


2 thoughts on “Implementing Subsurface Scattering

  1. This blog looks promising, keep up the good work! Do you think it may be possible to have some primitive form of push-back from the buoyant objects themselves, so that they alter the fluid surface as well as being altered? I suppose that may be beyond the limitations of computing power at the moment. The scattering looks great btw.


    • Thanks!
      It certainly is possible to have the buoyant objects interact with the fluid surface (there is a fluid surface plugin as well you might want to check out, although it’s outdated now) but right now I feel it’s something a little beyond my skills 😛
      I’m definitely interested though, and I expect to have something similar implemented sometime in the future.


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